ACT AUS Family Campout, cliff and water 16x9
PAC Cardiff 16x9
ACT Club Ladies Gala, group photo, men club attendees 16x9
ACT PHIL MD Flower Fundraising  16x9
Indianapolis 500 race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway fundraiser
ACT CAR Trinidad Social, playing cricket 16x9
ACT SE Fundraising, group photo brethren working concessions 16x9
ACT UK PAC Glasgow Mr. Stephen Flurry giving lecture 16x9
Northeast region modified check 16x9
ACT Philippines Family Day, passing the hula hoop, friends, smiling, games, 16x9
Harare family social 16x9
Zimbabwe Dollars for US Dollars 16x9
ACT Philippines rummage sale, happy brethren 16x9
ACT Philippines cookfest, happy singles cooking food 16x9
ACT Harare Congregational Family social 16x9
ACT Kansas Speedway Fundraiser 16x9
ACT Edmond Square Dance, dancers in the John Amos Field House gymnasium 16x9
PAC London Mr. Flurry lecture 16x9
Two-day event draws more than 100 subscribers
ACT Zimbabwe group shot 16x9
MEM SHB Early morning sunlight streams through Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge. 16x9
Australian deacon Ron Stephensen has unique vantage point.