Edmonton Ladies Gala 16x9
MIR Trinidad Healing 16x9
Canadian Seniors Go back in time 16x9
Edstone backyard BBQ 16x9
ANNIV Sloan update 16x9
San Antonio Spokesman Club Ladies Gala
ACT Speedway Fundraiser 16x9
AUS waiting room 16x9
Volunteer effort by members adding thousands of subscriptions.
Florida Spokesman Club Ladies Gala 2018 Group shot 16x9
Closeup of a young woman handing over her credit card to pay for some snacks at the concession stand in a movie theater, fundraiser, 16x9
Members work at three separate events as fundraiser
Elegant neighborhood and favela hill view of Guayaquil city, Ecuador 16x9
Carlos Heyer travels through Ecuador, Chile, and Peru.
Rockford Spokesman's Club Gala 16x9
Edstone WW (1 of 5).jpg
ACT OH Midwest Family Weekend 5(16x9).jpg
ACT Australia Goes Country 3(16x9).jpg
Trumpet Niklas Frank 16x9-4.jpg
German writer Niklas Frank meets staff, gives interviews.
Western Aussie members meet fairy penguins.
ACT AU Thanksgiving.jpeg
American tradition finds its way Down Under.
NZ Firewood 2 (16x9).jpg
The story of how New Zealand men in their 60s, 70s and 80s made firewood into more than just a profit, 14 years in a row.
FLT websites_16x9.jpg
Websites are among a mosaic of projects published this week.
Pictured are Cole March and Austin Ceglenski (L to R)
Young and old picnic and work side by side on consecutive summer Sundays.
IMG_4360_16x9_Philadelphia Church of God.jpg
Forty volunteers contribute to sixth work party in 18 months.
Members Maricar Dadd, Clarita Ventura and Nesly Casem share a laugh.
Baguio, La Union and Angeles City members play Jenga, Monopoly, Brain Twister and more.
Children’s activity tests logic, perseverance and patience.
IMG_0168_16x9_Philadelphia Church of God.jpg
Members swim, cycle and run to the finish line.