Filipinos Hold Cookfest With a Twist

THE PHILIPPINES—A total of 58 Filipino singles from the Angeles City, Quezon City, La Union and Baguio City congregations gathered together early Sunday morning on December 2 at the Philippines office of the Philadelphia Church of God in Angeles City for a cooking challenge.

Single men planned the menu and did the marketing, while the ladies brought their skills and kitchen utensils to prepare the selected menu in time for lunch.

Eight teams prepared a range of dishes from beef (pochero, kare-kare, kaldereta, lengua, sinigang), chicken (adobo with honey and pineapple) and fish (sisig, relleno) and desserts (sweet banana with ice shavings, fruit salad, buco pandan, lechetin, leche flan, steamed rice cake and mango crepe).

Ministers and wives did a food tasting. Mrs. Kristine Tongco commented, “All the dishes tasted delicious.” The best food presentation award went to the team that cooked beef kare kare (stew with peanut sauce).

As everyone enjoyed the lunch together, David Concepcion said, “How rewarding it is to taste the fruit of our hard labor.”

Regional Director Alex Harrison said the activity demonstrated the spirit of family working together.