Trinidad Brethren Gather for Congregational Social

TRINIDAD—On Tuesday March 5th, thirty brethren from the Trinidad congregation met for a BBQ picnic lunch and a fun-filled day of fellowship and a game of cricket. The social, organized by Preaching Elder Mr. Sam Seebran and deacon Ronnie Felmin, was held on the La Vega Nature and Recreational Park which is home to many birds, wild peacocks, snakes and fish.

With a large central lake for fishing, recreational facilities for children and open grounds for sports, the weather and setting made for a great afternoon for the brethren. “I had lots of fun playing cricket and spending time with fellow teens and the younger children at the play-park” said sixteen-year-old Alexia.

After much exchange of ideas on a variety of topics over fired-up grills, we all sat for a delicious lunch. Following lunch, the adults, singles and teens got together in two cricket teams, West Indies A and West Indies B, and in preserving our once time-honored British legacy, the West Indies won.

During a break, a few of the adults and singles went on an up-hill hiking exploration adventure and to get a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous environment. The day was enjoyable with full participation of all the brethren.

Nathanael Fraser, single, appropriately summed up the day saying, “The La Vega BBQ & cricket social was one of the best socials I’ve been to - seeing the brethren come together and being a part of the grill, the fellowship and then those of all ages taking part in the cricket activity. It was a true definition of spiritual family bonding and having a great time.”