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Escape from sin
God promises a way of escape. Here’s how to find it!
A photo of unleavened bread which is eaten on the Days of Unleavened Bread.
Portrait of a beautiful senior man in nature
God designed the spring holy days to renew your zeal for righteousness!
beautiful sunset on the beach and walk man silhouette
Two farmers talk on the field, then shake hands. Use a tablet. 4k video
Although the Bible explains what an unprofitable servant is, a literal definition of a profitable servant seems to be missing. How can you become a more profitable servant?
Sun Comes Up from Behind Earth in Space.
To broaden your perspective on the gospel, please read this stellar selection of excerpts from The Incredible Human Potential. They are taken from Chapter 2, “The Startling Revelation of What Was Christ’s Gospel.”
20190808_Fllowship at Auditorium-8507411 copy.jpg
Excerpted from Mystery of the Ages, Chapter 6
The White House
Icon depicting the Emperor Constantine and the bishops of the First Council of Nicaea.
Old torah scroll book close up detail. Torah Jewish People. Shallow depth of field
This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image features the star cluster Trumpler 14. One of the largest gatherings of hot, massive and bright stars in the Milky Way, this cluster houses some of the most luminous stars in our entire galaxy.
The glory of your eternal future depends on how you prepare today!
Dry Bones
Rays of light bathe the resting place of American heroes at Arlington National Cemetery
New Jerusalem in space
Take a look at what’s on the desk of the city planner of Earth’s largest city.
20200705_Celtic Throne-_8507167.jpg
God is filling His house with glory!
200929-White House Protest-iStock-133719640.jpg
To help Christ bring about real change, there is a lesson we have to learn deeply today.
Feast of Tabernacles Door Greeting
What kind of fear motivates you? 
View to Jerusalem old city. Israel
The origin of this Feast is far more important than the event itself!
Feast of Tabernacles Door Greeting
why we attend the FOT - n.jpg
Why do you go to the Feast of Tabernacles? This may seem like a silly question. But it does deserve some thought.
191008 Atonement Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 9.36.14 AM copy.jpg
16x9(Two goats)
The annual religious festivals that God commands true Christians to observe are clearly discussed in Leviticus 23.
Sun appearing through clouds
Reese blowing a shofar
Extreme close up view of sand flowing through an hour glass. Super closeup of hourglass clock middle.  Classic sandglass timer countdown.