Trumpet Executive Editor Hosts Campaign in Cardiff, Wales

EDMOND—Philadelphia Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry hosted a personal appearance campaign for 110 subscribers on June 2–3 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cardiff, Wales. Of the 75 in attendance for the first lecture, 26 were non-Philadelphia Church of God members. On the second night, 17 of the 35 subscribers were non-members.

One lady was very happy that we came to Wales. She saw some of the other pacevents, and she thought that maybe we would skip Wales, but we didn’t,” said Edwin Trebels, as relayed on the June 3 episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show. Trebels is campaign manager for the Philadelphia Church of God’s United Kingdom-Europe regional office. “We talked to a couple of people, and some of them had been pretty long subscribers, and others even had a pretty long history with the Church,” he continued.

On the show, Mr. Flurry said that the number of Trumpet subscribers who registered for tickets to the Cardiff campaign was higher than those who registered for the campaigns in Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Glasgow, Scotland, earlier this year, but that the attendance rate was lower—short of the goal of 40 percent.

Before the June 2 lecture, audience members watched a five-minute video recapping the late theologian Herbert W. Armstrong’s predictions in 1973 regarding Britain joining the European Union and later regretting it. Mr. Flurry then spoke about the divide between the ruling class and the electorate in Britain, America and Israel. Never, he said, has it been more important to understand Bible prophecy, especially as scoffers multiply.

“I thought it was wonderful. I was waiting for this day for a long time,” one attendee said. “So it was like God has answered a prayer to be here. I’m hoping that I will be able to get to know God more.”

On the second night, Mr. Flurry spoke about the importance of doing God’s Word before it’s too late, and gave practical tips for how to take character-building action after returning home from the event.

Mr. Flurry and his family will swap places with Edmond dean of students Wayne Turgeon and his wife, Laura, moving to Edmond on June 13 to fill in for Pastor General Gerald Flurry as keynote speaker at four personal appearance campaigns in North America in the coming months. The next scheduled campaigns are in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada (June 23–24); Spokane, Washington (June 25); New York City (June 30–July 1); and Memphis, Tennessee (July 2).