AICF Jones PR Granger award 16x9
ACT CAR Trinidad Social, playing cricket 16x9
AC OKC Memorial Marathon 16x9.jpg
AC Symposium, students giving group speech, slideshow presentation 16x9
AC Home Economics Field Trip, group photo, girls smiling, Sophomores, 16x9
ACT SE Fundraising, group photo brethren working concessions 16x9
AICF Canadian brass concert, group photo, all playing instruments 16x9
ACT UK PAC Glasgow Mr. Stephen Flurry giving lecture 16x9
AICF Celtic Nights 16x9
Malone award article, Ryan Malone, music director, Ministerial portrat 16x9
ACT Shanghai Opera Symphony Orchestra performance at Armstrong Auditorium, 16x9
AICF Julian Bliss Septet performance at Armstrong Auditorium, 16x9
ACT Speech Banquet 2019, students and faculty conversing at table, 16x9
Public relations meeting, Shane Granger, Edmond Lion's Club 16x9
Canada activity curling, members on ice, watching from above view 16x9
ACT Philippines, group photo, Quezon City Family Day Activity 16x9
PAC Belfast, Mr. Stephen Flurry giving a personal appearance campaign 16x9
Mr. Stephen Flurry Online Personal Appearance Campaign, new studio, 16x9
Northeast region modified check 16x9
Swan Lake, AICF, Armstrong International Cultural Foundation 16x9
ACT Philippines Family Day, passing the hula hoop, friends, smiling, games, 16x9
Harare family social 16x9
JBL Special episode, Zoe, Jude, Dennis Leap, 16x9
Reading in relation to teens with host Dennis Leap and guests Jude, Zoe and Leah
DEPT Call Center YIR 16x9 close up focus on call center headset device  headset VOIP system with telephone answer machine technology at operation office desk for hotline telemarketing and network operator concept
20 Years of Concerts at Armstrong Auditorium 16x9