Quezon City, Philippines, singles at Mt. Manalmon
The Imperial Academy Class of 2022 Graduates Commencement
2022 HWAC Commencement Graduation
Australia 2022 DELS
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2022 BG Mural.jpeg
2022 Edstone Europe Spring Holy Day Break 2 16x9.png
ACT 2022 Brisbane Hosts Senior Tea Party 16x9.jpg
ACT 2022 AZ Picnic 16x9.jpg
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ACT 2022 Florida Ladies Brunch.jpg
ACT 2022 Northeast DELS 8 16x9.jpg
ACT 2022 SINGAPORE Two From a City.jpg
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ACT 2022 NY Ladies Night 16x9.jpg
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ACT 2021 AUS Hungi Lunch 16x9 2.jpg
ACT 2021 PHIL Singles visit the museum 16x9.jpg
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ACT 2021 Barbados Congregation 16x9.jpg
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ACT 2021 FLORIDA Yard Sale.jpg
ACT 2021 PHIL National Award.jpg