The Armstrong Auditorium theater
ACT TEXAS Speedway 16x9.jpg
20210621 Nashville 3.jpg
IA Teachers 1-5911.jpg
20210401_Celtic Throne Marketing_8507815.jpeg
Spurlin Lake Work Party 2-16x9.jpg
ACT WA Hiawatha Bike Trail 16x9.jpg
ACT NE Alabama campout.jpg
eating food 16x9.jpg
Games 16x9 stock.jpg
ACT AUS Robe 16x9.jpg
Image of an "old school" rangefinder. Useful image for any photographic need.
20210509_Graduation_8508861 16x9.jpg
Graduating seniors.jpg
ACT AUS Noosa 4 16x9.jpg
Back light profile of hands of 2 friends or couple talking holding coffee cups sitting in a table at home with a window in the background
A photo of unleavened bread which is eaten on the Days of Unleavened Bread.
2021 AA Award.jpg
JBL Mr Leap-16x9.jpg
Mark Jenkins.jpg
DeGoogle article
Honors Recital 2-16x9.jpg
Woman with book
Smiling Senior Man Using Phone At Home