Singles do play a major role in God’s Church.
16x9(You and God's Work)
All of the Church is necessary to do the Work; each of us has an essential contribution to make.
fist in the hand
Creative accomplishment today prepares you for universal job security.
16x9(Christ our brother)
We have to build the love of our elder Brother—for each other.
Father and son driving tractor
Any man worth his salt wants his son to grow up to be a real, godly man. But only the few achieve that. Why?
Young woman's hand holding old woman's hand.
Let us do our part to support the elderly and strengthen God’s Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong (1947)
Never was there a more crucial time for teen girls to know the answer to this question.
16x9 (Elijah's Prayer) Herbert W. Armstrong
Public and private school students watch Heidi the musical in Ambassador Auditorium. Tradition revived with Jeremiah musical at Armstrong Auditorium.
Old Age
Although her death was a somber occasion, it was also an opportunity to celebrate the life of a sweet lady.
Giving Support
When you hear the word ‘elderly,’ what’s the first thing you think?
Grandfather and grandson playing in backyard with gardening tools
It’s a responsibility and a joy—that has real impact on the future.
Pastries and cup of tea on wooden plate, close-up
Teach your children to honor and respect older people.
16x9(Become a royal communicator)
Reach out to everyone in God’s Family.
Senior woman with caregiver in the park
We must be spending time with and talking with the elderly.
16x9(Titus 2 man or woman)
Cropped view of a father with his grown-up son
With age comes responsibility.
Senior couple are walking together through the autumn woods. The woman is arm in arm with her husband and is carrying leaves.
Seniors are a special group in God’s church.