Father throwing his daughter in the air at sunset.
Build the quality that forms the basis of all good relationships!
Concept of choice the correct way. Beautiful landscape with sunrise over crossroads spliting in two ways. Rural crossroads on sunset background
A key to good decision-making
Man gardening holding Marigold flowers in his hands with copy space
The role of virtuous singles in God’s Family
Football Kick. Youth Player Kicking Soccer Ball on Field. Football Ball in Motion. Legs of Sports Soccer Football Player Sportsman In Motion With Ball
Parents, we need to be growing fitter, stronger, healthier young people.
Young adult man standing alone on cracked dark ice surface. Mist over frozen lake in winter. Foggy air. Early chilly morning. Peaceful atmosphere in nature. Back view.
It starts with understanding what’s behind the pervasive spirit of hopelessness and frustration.
Smiling boy holding hands of father and mother on the beach. Family walking along the beach.
Rearview shot of an unrecognizable couple holding hands while at the beach
Moses strikes the rock at Horeb and makes water come out to quench the thirst of the Israelites (Exodus 17). Wood engraving, published in 1886.
A key to high morale
A lesson from a plane trip with God’s apostle
3d rendering, America - Usa. Photorealistic globe with lots of details.
Conquering sin is a trademark of those who will rule with Jesus Christ. But why is it important to reject Satan’s way of life today?
Smiling Senior Man Using Phone At Home
I'm always here to provide support. Young man in standing in park stretches his hand. Focus is on hand. Close up.
Rufaro talking to Mr. Heyer
cropped image of designer cutting paper for scrapbooking greeting postcards
Hands praying over american flag
The Prophet Amos gives some alarming prophecies that explain current calamities, but he also explains how to break through to God.
Gay rainbow flags at Montreal gay pride parade with blurred spectators in the background
Close up of businessman or accountant working on calculator to calculate business data, and accountancy document. Business financial and accounting concept
A married couple hold hands on a pier railing above the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.
Fountain pen and cheque
Herbert W. Armstrong broadcasting
If you have ever been associated with the Worldwide Church of God or one of its offshoots, I ask you to prayerfully read this letter.
Five friends cheering on good news.
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
How grateful are you for what God has provided you this year?
Close up of stuffed roasted turkey during family's dinner at dining table.
Every autumn, American families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Yet it seems most have forgotten its true meaning. What should Thanksgiving mean to Americans—and especially to Christians?
A little girl looking at the camera
God has established laws that govern the effective interaction between human beings. Submission to those laws brings harmony and happiness.
You can be an active, fit, vibrantly healthy senior. Here’s how!