Trumpet Hosts Scotland Personal Appearance Campaign

EDMOND—The Philadelphia Trumpet hosted its third personal appearance campaign in the United Kingdom on March 16-17 in Glasgow, Scotland, with a pair of lectures presented by executive editor Stephen Flurry.

The first lecture, given on a Saturday night, was attended by 33, 20 of whom were not already members of the Philadelphia Church of God, which publishes the Trumpet. Mr. Flurry’s lecture focused on Bible prophecy and the hope that is included in it.

Those attending the campaign came largely from Scotland and from the north of England, traveling by bus or train. One individual traveled eight hours by train to attend both lectures. Another couple traveled four hours by bus.

The Sunday lecture was attended by 25, including 12 non-members and seven co-workers (non-members who contribute financially to the Church). Six co-workers attended both lectures. Mr. Flurry spoke of the importance of acting on the knowledge of the Bible, not only hearing it.

In his March 18 Trumpet Brief e-mail, Mr. Flurry said, “As I told the gathering in Glasgow, it is vitally important that we act now—before it is too late.”

Those who attended the lecture on Sunday were offered coffee, tea and snacks.

“I thought it was really interesting,” one attendee said. “I’ve always enjoyed watching Stephen Flurry on the television. And to see him in person, it just seemed even better. He speaks with such authority. … It’s that confidence of knowing that the thing is true, and it’s really good to hear.”

“I appreciate everything he is doing,” said another attendee, “and I wish him well and that God keeps him safe.”

“I was so proud of Mr. Flurry tonight. He was on fire,” another attendee said. “And I just felt—my heart was just bursting because of the way he was talking, how he was talking.”

Eleven non-members signed up to attend the follow-up Bible study, which was given by Regional Director Brad Macdonald on March 31 in Glasgow.

“Please continue to pray for the follow-up conversations the ministry will be having with individuals,” Church staff members wrote in a regional announcement, “and that the messages and experiences will continue to resonate with the attendance and cause real positive change in regards to their relationship with God and God’s Work.”

Trumpet campaigns in the United Kingdom have taken place in London, Belfast and Glasgow. The next campaign is scheduled for June 2-3 in Cardiff, Wales.