Filipinos Hold Annual Rummage Sale

THE PHILIPPINES—Some 30 members from the Angeles and Quezon City congregations joined for their annual rummage sale on December 16 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Manila.

Donations in the form of clothes, household goods, shoes and other items flooded the Philippines Church office, enough to require two vans to deliver it to the processing point before the sale. Brethren traveled to Manila the day before to attend Sabbath services and help process the items after sunset.

Mrs. Cecelia Bolhano said, “I couldn’t sleep the night before, due to my excitement” and noted, “Our Angeles family have to travel at 4 a.m. to support the Quezon City brethren in setting up and selling.”

Members prayed for good weather, and God answered. A continuous stream of people came through, from the start of the sale to the end.

Other members brought snacks and meals for the sales volunteers, and Preaching Elder Pedrito Cara and Local Elder Broderick Tongco and their wives were also on hand to provide assistance and encouragement.

By the end of the day, the volunteers wound up with an unexpected 142 percent increase in sales over last year, raising $2,177.

Regional Director Alex Harrison decided that half of the net proceeds will go to the headquarters aircraft fund.