Southeast Members Raise More Than 55k

EDMOND—In recent weeks, the southeast region has sent a series of checks from various fundraisers to the headquarters business office, including a check for $31,000 from Philadelphia Church of God members in Florida. Through Regional Director Wik Heerma, the region has sent Pastor General Gerald Flurry a total of $55,582 and counting.

The donations come as the result of a number of fundraising projects members have volunteered for, including professional football games in Florida, fruit sales in North Carolina and South Carolina, silent auctions in Arkansas and Louisiana, yard sales and an online yard sale. Some congregations are still totaling up their contributions and preparing to send them to headquarters.

Ministers and members in the region are working on new ideas for fundraising, including selling yard sale items valued at $35 or more online and perhaps selling foods such as chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, jerky and coffee.

Preaching Elder John Cocomise, who has worked with members in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, said that they “have been very diligent and willing to sacrifice.” He added, “The attitude of the brethren is key to receiving God’s blessings …. God sees our motivation and hears our prayers: When the brethren are excited about doing fundraising to help support the headquarters Work, God sees. The success of a fundraiser is more about our attitude than the idea.”

Chief financial officer Andrew Locher said, “The timing is perfect and will continue to help us offset growing expenses of doing God’s Work. This has been a banner year for fundraising projects for the Work! Thank you to everyone who sacrificed time and effort in contributing such a meaningful amount! Keep up the good work.”