Jerusalem Archaeological Excavations

The Philadelphia Church of God is excited to be participating in the work of renowned archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar in Jerusalem, Israel. Since 2006, in joint-participation with the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation, Herbert W. Armstrong College has sent student volunteers to aid with both the excavation process and the production of the final publication covering the dig.

Herbert W. Armstrong College faculty and students have been involved in the uncovering of such amazing discoveries as King David’s Palace, Nehemiah’s wall, and the Solomonic Wall. Two key artifacts are two clay seal impressions of two biblical figures mentioned in the book of Jeremiah, and are currently on exhibit in Armstrong Auditorium as part of a larger archaeological display.

Student volunteers participating in the excavations live in Jerusalem from two to six months and contribute on the dig daily, receiving credit toward their diploma in the process. Dr. Mazar also uses Armstrong College students to shoot and edit video, take photographs and write articles for the excavation’s blog,

In other collaboration, the foundation has contributed to the preservation of Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem in memory of Teddy Kollek and Herbert W. Armstrong. The late mayor of Jerusalem and Mr. Armstrong worked together to build the park, which features a replica of Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and was dedicated on July 4, 1978. The donation is part of the college’s ongoing efforts to revive the humanitarian legacy of Herbert Armstrong and his support for Jerusalem. Under Mr. Armstrong, Ambassador College sent hundreds of students to assist Benjamin Mazar, the late grandfather of Eilat Mazar, in his Temple Mount excavations in the 1970s.

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