Micah Turgeon
How to be a servant leader
Benjamin Franklin
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Great Sand Dunes National Park
Featuring three guys, an awesome stick and some sand
16x9(Piano keys to life)
Lonely man on childish pool floaties.
A secret to being truly happy
210607-Tommy and Ben-Thomas_Jefferson,_1743,_1826 copy.jpg
How choosing the right friends saved a future president
Every member has its part to play.
210330-JAG-Rocky flattened.jpg
Seizing potential and seizing opportunities
How two presidents fixed their broken friendship
Achieving your goals
George Washington portrayed in the “Passage of Delaware”
George Washington knew we would only endure if we followed God.
Micah opens his mouth
I was too prepared to fail—or so I thought.
Abraham Lincoln and George B. McClellan in the general's tent at Antietam, Maryland, October 3, 1862.
Actions speak louder than battle plans.
Jesse Owens
A lesson from an unlikely friendship