Gareth Fraser
16x9(Eliahu Elath's meeting with HWA)
A picture taken on October 15, 2015 shows the Dome of the Rock mosque (golden dome) and al-Aqsa Mosque (silver dome) at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City. Israeli security forces deployed massively in Jerusalem as Jews armed themselves with everything from guns to broomsticks, rattled by a wave of Palestinian attacks that have shaken the country.   AFP PHOTO / AHMAD GHARABLI        (Photo credit should read AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images)
The two shared their experiences from that historic event in man’s pursuit of peace among nations.
16x9(HWA Doctor of Humanities)
An educational institution in the Philippines respected and highly honored Mr. Armstrong.
16x9(China Libraries) Herbert W. Armstrong
In 1979, Mr. Armstrong became the first Christian church leader to officially visit and speak with top officials in China.
16x9(HWA in Sweden)
In the closing pages of chapter nine of Mr. Armstrong’s most requested book, he reminds Sweden they are one of the lost ten tribes of ancient Israel.
16x9(Armstrong meets Thatcher)
Historic audience of a lord, a lady and man of God
16x9(HWA Morocco)
The gospel began to be delivered across Morocco on Radio Luxembourg in 1953.
16x9(Become a royal communicator)
Reach out to everyone in God’s Family.
16x9(Mr. Armstrong and Senator)
Their conversation and the dramatic events that followed
16x9(Mr. Armstrong on plane)
Mr. Armstrong’s unheeded warning to Athens’s political, business and finance leaders
16x9(Swaziland’s King Sobhuza and HWA)
Longest-reigning monarch honors ambassador for world peace, stating ‘his contribution is invaluable.’
16x9(Kenya inspired Mr. Armstrong)
Remembering one of the world’s most honored dignitaries and his African legacy
16x9(Mr. Armstrong at the construction site of Ambassador Auditorium)
16x9(HWA and King of Jordan)
This ambassador of world peace placed key focus on joint humanitarian activities with world governments.
16x9(Plain Truth)
How a visit to the West German Embassy emphasized the Plain Truth’s reach
Herbert W. Armstrong 16x9(True Education for Nepal)
Recalling the parting message of one of its most honored guests
16x9(Herbert Armstrong meets Navon)
16x9 (India and Mr. Armstrong)
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The internationally recognized ambassador for world peace developed a special friendship with a key aide to India’s president.
16x9 (Preaching Love)
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He delivered the gospel to the world as a witness of the coming Kingdom of God.
16x9(Mystery of Divine Protection)
How and why God uses His invisible agents to protect you
16x9 (Thailand) Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong visits with royalty in Thailand.
How Herbert W. Armstrong and Queen Sirikit saved baby Chai-Toi
16x9 (Godly Ambition)
A valuable lesson from the life of Herbert W. Armstrong
Fitness male running outdoors during sunset. Healthy lifestyle concept.
Inspiration from a wounded warrior
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Herbert W. Armstrong met Japan’s prince, prime minister, 22 ambassadors, 20 senators.
Foundation of Peace
Why was the Armstrong Peace Foundation proposal rejected?
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God is looking for an attitude of gratitude.