Gareth Fraser
Character in Clothing
Could the way you dress keep you out of God’s Kingdom?
Hunger for Righteousness Norm
How the world will be spiritually nourished
Hair Brush
Is hair just a matter of personal preference?
Old rusty shovel in sand on building.
The partnership between a religious leader and an archaeologist—and its value to young people
woman is sitting on the grass in public park
It is a gift to be able to meditate on God and His way of life.
Leavened and unleavened bread
The life-changing impact of God’s Feast of Unleavened Bread
How will you be remembered?
Armstrong Plane.jpg
Emperor asks brother Prince Mikasa for private audience with international ambassador for world peace.
Jerusalem Dig Announced 1
Inspired events in Jerusalem that led to a meeting with Israel’s fifth prime minister.
16x9(Zalman Shazar)
16x9(Herbert Armstrong meets Navon)
Minister of Tourism Moshe Kol praised Mr. Armstrong’s ‘iron bridge’ with Israel.
16x9(Elijah's Prayer) Herbert W. Armstrong
Jerusalem excavations continue today with support from Armstrong International Cultural Foundation.
fist in the hand
Creative accomplishment today prepares you for universal job security.
16x9 (Elijah's Prayer) Herbert W. Armstrong
Public and private school students watch Heidi the musical in Ambassador Auditorium. Tradition revived with Jeremiah musical at Armstrong Auditorium.
16x9(Mr. Armstrong on plane)
God’s modern method of preaching the gospel to the world
16x9(It's hard to be humble)
Just what is humility? Whatever it is, we need it to please God!
A copy of The Liberty Bell in a park
Recalling Teddy Kollek’s friendship with Herbert W. Armstrong
16x9(Teenage Discretion Advised)
Do you possess ‘the better part of valor’?
16x9(John Amos Tombstone)
May 12 marks the anniversary of John Amos’s death.
16x9(Are you ready for refugees?)
Prepare to teach tomorrow’s world—today.
16x9(Abba Eban)
The miraculous favor to God’s Work given by those who shaped modern Israel is breathtaking in its prophetic scope and impact.
(16x9) (HWA Jerusalem) Herbert W. Armstrong
16x9(Legacy of HWA)
Learn to see God behind the man.
16x9(HWA meets with Hashemite royals)
16x9 (Why HWA was interested in Judean Leopard)