Ron Fraser
Cute son and his dad spending time together.
A young girl sits on her dad's shoulders, looking at each other, both smiling outdoors in the sun
Within His Church, God has emphasized and reemphasized the importance of the divine and exalted relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church. It is within this great revelation that the vision of godly child rearing gains true focus.
The most important letter Lincoln never sent
A little girl looking at the camera
God has established laws that govern the effective interaction between human beings. Submission to those laws brings harmony and happiness.
London, United Kingdom - June, 13th 2006:Mounted Horse guards parade through London beneath British flags in a ceremonial parade
A look at the profound heritage of the British Empire
Floating axe
As part of God’s greatest miracle ourselves, we ought to expect more miracles in our lives
16x9(Teenage Discretion Advised)
Do you possess ‘the better part of valor’?
16x9(Characteristics of a savior)
Opening blue door in a dark room with shining light and sky outside
The innate characteristics of Jesus Christ’s nature and office are a revelation in themselves of His qualifications to be the Savior of mankind.
16x9(Spread True Joy)
Portrait of a loving family of four spending time together outdoors
The Feast of Tabernacles offers God’s people a unique opportunity to express the JOY of God’s way of life! 
Love on a Sticky Note
The word “love” is perhaps the most misused and misunderstood word in the English language today.
Happy middle aged man reclining by poolside
Surely there be few indeed who would not desire to be more happy, to be truly more joyful.
16x9 (Discretion)
The man's combined hands praying on the bible isolated in a black background
Most of us lack this key ingredient of true, mature character. Here is the proven formula to both acquire and exercise it!
Rock climbing in a dramatic setting
It takes courage to warn the world!
A hourglass with falling sand in front of a clock reaching midnight. Concept photo urgency, and time is running out and deadline is approaching. Close-up of hour glass is photographed in horizontal format with copy space, against a soft-focus clock face in the background.
Did you know that longsuffering is a fruit of God’s Holy Spirit?
Mother and daughter (8-9) with baskets in domestic garden.
Consider the God-given role of a Christ-like wife as expounded in the Scriptures.
Little girl eating an apple. She is outdoors and looking at the camera, with apple juice on her face.
The feast of Pentecost celebrates the Church of God!
Picture of Carnival Gras; are Carnival and Mardi Gras really Christian festivals?tion.
Father and son driving tractor
Any man worth his salt wants his son to grow up to be a real, godly man. But only the few achieve that. Why?
Number one with hand
Do we truly realize the real extent of the power that God unleashed for us at the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? How many of us really take full advantage of this power and really use it, to the full, to do His work?
16x9(Times of refreshing)
The Apostle Peter taught what would be the wonderfully consoling result of repentance and conversion.