Trinidad Member Experiences Miraculous Healing

TRINIDAD—On July 26, I developed severe spinal and back pains that affected the entire left side of my body, leaving me barely able to move. Unable to make it to services, I called my minister and requested anointing; an anointed cloth was sent to me. On the Sabbath evening of July 28, while lying in bed, suddenly the crippling pain was gone. Even though I could still feel a dull discomfort, I was able to get out of bed and move around without any assistance. The next morning, I received the anointed cloth and followed the instructions that came with it in absolute faith that God would heal me through Christ’s sacrifice. Shortly after this anointing, my healing was complete—that very day. No pains or discomfort at all. To date, I have been moving around, working and taking care of my responsibilities, giving God thanks for the forgiveness of physical sin. God lives and is healing today!