Michael Cocomise
16x9(Making and Managing Money)
ACT Florida Central Congregation host senior dinner 16x9.jpg
Florida Spokesman Club Ladies Gala 2018 Group shot 16x9
Meditation is a powerful tool. Learn why and how to use it.
16x9(Overcome Discouragement)
A simple yet vital way to ensure we stay far away from this deadly enemy
Armstrong Club cleans up around the Philadelphia Church of God headquarters campus.
Speaking club members beautify roadsides near campus.
16x9(Why Test and Trials?)
Stressed businessman stares out in front of him
Does God enjoy picking on us by causing us to endure problems? Does He relish exposing our weaknesses?
16x9(Blessed are the peacemakers)
Developing the attitude of a peacemaker NOW has everything to do with preparing to help bring peace to the entire world in the future.
(16x9) Men of Herbert W. Armstrong College
There is no better place to learn.
16x9(Why Meditation?)
Your mind is like your stomach: It constantly needs to be fed.
16x9(What is meditation?)
Woman hands praying with a bible in a dark over wooden table
To grow spiritually, it is important to combine our Bible study and prayer with deep, rock-solid meditation.
16x9(Happy Birthday?)
Celebrating a special day. Side view image of a cupcake with multicolored confetti as a frame and bright glasses on the background
Why Bible-believing Christians should question the practice of celebrating birthdays.
16x9(How to meditate?)
Meditation is a constant practice—it is a part of your daily life.
(16x9) Herbert W. Armstrong College ladies night in the Fall of 2015. 5
Date lends special theme for Armstrong speaking club
Philadelphia Youth Camp (PYC), Edmond, Oklahoma
144 campers, 12 dorms, 3 weeks, one family—PYC
16x9(Alcohol consumption)
You can prove from your Bible that consuming alcohol is not a sin.
Every teenager will grow up battling distractions. One of those big distractions in today’s society is sports.
Hand with Red Pen Marking Job in Newspaper
Job hunting? Here are some helpful steps to aid you in the employment process.
Man holding a five dollar bill
Giving to others is a rare act in this “get” society. Often times, even when people do give, it is done with the wrong attitude.