Abraham Blondeau
Canada Ice Miracle.jpg
ACT Northeast Campout 16x9
ACT OH Midwest Family Weekend 5(16x9).jpg
IA OKC Memorial 16 by 9
Students learn about 1995 terrorist attack at the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum.
IA Capitol 16 by 9
High school students explore Oklahoma state government building.
Man with bead and long hair stands outside. He wears historic clothes and could be a vking or a knigth. He holds a metal helmet under one of his arms. In his right hand he holds a sword.
Studying the works of David’s mighty men can aid our growth.
16x9(Dinner with the Chancellor) Students of Herbert W. Armstrong College share a formal dinner with college Chancellor Gerald Flurry.
The importance of God-Family education
16x9 (Sam Steele)
Bear the burden of being a man.
AC sophomore James Lowry drives a tractor for the landscaping department.
How well has the work-study program at Herbert W. Armstrong College lived up to its name?
Man on a cliff
What we can learn from Gen. Romeo Dallaire.
Sir Winston Churchill speaking with zeal
Will you find and endure your finest hour?
Apollo 13 crew
The Apollo 13 crew’s response to catastrophe
George Washington and a Committee of Congress at Valley Forge.
Choose to overcome, and be a winter soldier for God.
Adobe RGB (1998)
How can you make sure you have set the right goal? And once you have the right goal, how can you make sure to stay on track?