Edstone Neighborhood Barbeque

EDSTONE—On Sunday, July 11, employees and residents of Edstone Hall hosted a neighborhood barbecue on the Edstone campus lawn, gathering over 50 people. The event was attended by Edstone employees and their families, residents, Herbert W. Armstrong College students and the neighbors of Edstone Hall.

The event provided an opportunity to get to know the neighbors as well as giving them a chance to tour the house and grounds, while the children spent the evening playing in the paddling pool and sliding down a slip ‘n slide. Several neighbors commented on the improvements made to Edstone and were impressed with the vast operations emanating from the campus after being given tours of the buildings, including the tv and radio studios.

“It was awesome to get together with the neighbors because we could see how much Edstone and the work of beautifying the grounds has made an impact on them,” Edstone employee Emmanuel Michels said. “They were really appreciative and complementary of all the wonderful changes and the beauty that has come since we moved in. It was inspiring to see how excited and supportive they were because of that.”

England’s Regional Office Manager David Howard said, “We have some wonderfully friendly neighbors which we rarely see other than passing on the driveway. It was great to have the opportunity to show them some Philadelphian hospitality. They appreciated the example of the high standards the Edstone staff and students set at the barbeque.”