Illuminate the World—Dade City Spokesman Club Gala 2018

FLORIDA—On Sunday June 10, 38 members and guests attended the end of the year Ladies Gala combining the Dade City, Florida and the Valdosta, Georgia clubs. Members from 3 congregations in Florida and Georgia gathered together at the Ocala Jockey Club in Ocala, Florida. The scenic venue featured beautiful rolling hills complimented by tall oak trees covered in Spanish moss, beautiful white fence lines, and lush green grasslands. The setting was unique because the hall was a cylindrical room that featured a panoramic view of the landscape.

Club graduate and current Spokesman in the Dade City club, Howard Lieberman expressed his appreciation for the venue, “This was the most beautifully inspiring club venue my wife and I have experienced. Besides being nestled gorgeously far from city and town atop one of the rolling hills of central Florida horse country, the Ocala Jockey Club’s floor-to-ceiling wall of windows offered us a spectacular view in almost every direction.”

This Gala was special because it coincided with the opening of the Seals of Isaiah and King Hezekiah Discovered Exhibit in Edmond. Deacon Les Furmanski carefully organized the event and it was done in a manner that allowed everyone to enjoy the Gala but also the live stream presentation from Edmond and Jerusalem. Festivities were kicked off with a scintillating table topics section that was enhanced by the serving of the first course of the meal. Mr. Iain Harper, an Assistant Director for the Dade City club provided an enthusiastic first half evaluation, imploring the men to appreciate these special events. Immediately after the conclusion of the first half the main course was served, and guests watched the exhibit ceremony via the live stream on a large projector screen.

Mr. Scott Sievert another graduate and member of the Dade City Club shared his thoughts on the event, “What stood out the most to me besides the overall quality of the event, was how the quality of both the Live Stream presentation and our four speeches reflected the fruits of our purpose, goals, labor and investment, in the Work of the church and Spokesman club. We have much to be thankful for.”

At the conclusion of the ceremony the second half of the Gala was highlighted by four speeches, which galvanized the attendees and encouraged everyone to focus on being a light to the world. The club theme for both clubs was “Illuminate the World.” This came out in several of the speeches. Mr. David Miller gave the final evaluation before a closing lecture by Club Associate Director and Preaching Elder John Cocomise.

Mr. John Cocomise and Assistant Director Mr. David Miller, happily awarded member Aaron Stewart with his graduation certificate. He was honored as the lone graduate for this year and with a warm smile he thanked everyone and expressed his appreciation for the Club program and shared how happy he was to achieve one of his life’s greatest goals.