Wayne Turgeon
Father throwing his daughter in the air at sunset.
¡Desarrolle la cualidad que construye la base de todas las buenas relaciones!
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Lesson from a Rock
Mr. McCarty holding some expensive stuff that is out of proportion.
Mr. McCarty holding some expensive stuff that is out of proportion.
How to REALLY “have it all”
‘Se nos ha pegado tanto el protestantismo que no podemos quitárnoslo de la cabeza’.
‘So much Protestantism has rubbed off on us we can’t get it out of our heads.’
"Frederick Douglass appealing to President Lincoln and his cabinet to enlist Negroes" mural by William Edouard Scott, located at the Recorder of Deeds building, built in 1943. 515 D Street, NW, Washington, DC
What you have in common with a 19th-century American hero
Father throwing his daughter in the air at sunset.
Build the quality that forms the basis of all good relationships!
A popular-yet-misunderstood fad is in the air.
Child's Attitude
We must shape the human spirit in our children so God can work with them as adults.
With All Due Respect
The importance of learning to respect others
Should you be baptized Norm
From the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course lesson 10
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Learn to live God’s way today—and watch your life spiral upwards!
Two male students sitting behind old-fashioned desks with lamps, reading from their books.
How much do you love to learn?
citrus oranges for a happy chinese new year,meaning fortune,good luck,happiness for the coming new year
The Christian life is the abundant life—filled with rich, spiritual growth!
Making yeast dough
Which foods and products should we discontinue using during the Days Unleavened Bread?
16x9(BE Resourceful)
Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, USA at dawn.
What is your reaction to setbacks?
Most believe that Jesus Christ was born on December 25. What does the Bible say about the timing of Christ’s birth?
Imposing Mountain View and Lake Glacier National Park.  Many Glacier Area.  Swiftcurrent Lake.
A wonderful, inspiring truth that should give our lives a sure foundation.
Is Easter mentioned in the Bible?
16x9 (What's so Hallowed" about Halloween?)
Field of ripe pumpkins amidst fallen leaves on a sunny day. Horizontal shot.
This wild night of frolicking fun actually honors Satan and his demons.
Rejoicing in a stunning natural bamboo forest at sunrise. Stock image with the cocepts of success, winning, joy, nature, environment, spirituality and religion.
You can live a healthier and happy life.