Minister Visits South African and Kenyan Brethren

SOUTH AFRICA—UK, Europe and Africa Regional Director Wayne Turgeon took a week-long trip to Africa from February 22 through 28, where he visited Philadelphia Church of God members in South Africa and Kenya.

He began by visiting Johannesburg, South Africa, where he and Preaching Elder George Githembe conducted six in-home visits over two days and reinvited a member to services. On the Sabbath, with 47 in attendance, Mr. Turgeon ordained Trevor Laubscher to the office of deacon. The next day the Johannesburg congregation had a potluck and played games at the Githembes’ residence. Mr. Turgeon won Bingo as well as two games of Scrabble, which put him in high spirits in preparation for his first-ever trip to Nairobi, Kenya.

In Kenya, he held a mid-week Bible Study which all but one of the members were able to attend. Afterward, the 18 members sat in a circle and discussed topics from God’s definition of love for a married couple to the possibility of a Black singles weekend in Africa.

Mr. Turgeon returned to Edstone on March 1 with less than a day to prepare for the Armstrong College campout.