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Steve Hercus
Feast of Tabernacles Door Greeting
What kind of fear motivates you? 
The New Year's festival is actually a tradition rooted in paganism.
If there is something to change in our lives, then make the change—why wait?
Young lady studying the Word of God
Diverse group of runners outside.
Place the right importance on your health, living environment, finances, education and career.
Wide view from inside a huge cave with a man going out.
We must always keep the right perspective in the midst of our trials.
The importance of hunting for all the leaven in our homes is a direct type and a powerful lesson of the need to eradicate sin from our lives.
Have you equipped yourself for spiritual battle?
sun setting
If your day begins when you get out of bed in the morning, or when you wake up, as it does for most, then it will not be as profitable as if you had started it at the right time.