Teens: What Are You Going to Do on Passover Night?

What if no one had ever sinned and everyone was perfect, except for one person? Let’s say that one sinner was you!

Do you realize the Word, the one who became Jesus Christ, would have divested Himself of His eternal glory as a God being and become a human being just to die and pay the penalty for your one little sin?

The fact is all men have sinned and Christ died for the sins of all men (Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23). That includes you and me, those called today and those yet to be called. It includes the young and old, male and female, the baptized and those like you who are yet to be baptized.

Those who are baptized commemorate the sacrifice of our Savior during the Passover ceremony each year. This is the most solemn occasion of the year, and unlike any other service God’s people attend. It is for those who are baptized because of the covenant they made with God at baptism. In this covenant, we accept Christ as personal Savior who died for our sins, and agree to turn our lives over to Him, that by His life we may grow spiritually to ultimately become born into the God Family.

But here you are, the youth, unbaptized—yet possessing understanding of God’s truth and an understanding of the incredible price that has been paid for your sins too.

You’re included in this plan. You’re very much a part of it. Hopefully Passover is something you will go on to observe every year of your life. Until then, though, what does Passover mean to you? What does it mean to you this year? And, what are you going to do with your time on Passover night?

God’s youth are sanctified, set apart for holy use, and God has great designs for your life. An abundant future in partnership with God depends on you responding to Him. In the Proverbs, the youth are admonished to show some initiative. “I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me” (Proverbs 8:17). The years of adolescence are not a time to put off spiritual development. God is waiting on you, and He is ready to respond.

Passover night is not a Sabbath. Fire and brimstone from heaven are not going to rain down upon you from heaven if your turn on the television. But you should see the opportunity and recognize the seriousness of this occasion.

When Christ was on Earth, this was His last night. He prayed fervently through the night with the most extreme anguish, knowing of the torturous mauling He was about to receive. Those yet to be baptized should not ignore this. Rather, immerse your mind in the magnitude of what He went through for you. A productive Passover night for you will help set you up for a magnificent and meaningful holy day season. It will even make the fall holy days more meaningful for you. This is after all a complete plan of God, and the first of these festivals—Passover—is an integral key.

Here’s what you can do.

First, turn off the TV, power down the computer, and remove any other electronic rectangle that might distract you, including your cell phone. If you’re babysitting, calm the kids down and ensure you can make time for yourself. Find a quiet place; get comfortable, and work through the following steps:

  1. Beseech God in prayer. Express your gratitude for what the Father and Christ have done for you and all humanity. Thank God for the risk He was willing to make for a family. Ask God to help you comprehend the magnitude of the sacrifice Christ made for you. Ask God to help you focus on the Christ that now lives and actively leads our lives.
  2. Study God’s Word. Read and study these passages from the Bible. Psalm 22 and Isaiah 52:13 through 53:12 are prophecies concerning the grueling beating that our Savior endured. Fixate on John 17—the real Lord’s prayer—and read the words He uttered on His last night. Notice the verses where He speaks about and shows His concern for you! Go through Matthew 27, a record of the last hours of Christ on Earth. Try to wrap your mind around 1 John 4; a passage showing that the all-powerful Christ lives today and desires to live in you in the future.
  3. Dig through the archives. Read articles that will expand in your mind the role Christ fulfilled on Earth two millennia ago, and the dynamic role He has today. You can customize your study by going back through Royal Vision articles and your own sermon notes concerning Passover. You might start with “The Greatest Risk in History!” and “The Characteristics of a Savior” (March-April 2012). You can go through ”The Real Jesus” and supplement it with ”Let Us Introduce … Jesus Christ!” If you get through those articles, you might add “Is Christ Dwelling In Me?” (Royal Vision, March–April 2013).

Completing these steps will gear your mind to where it needs to be. You’ll be so glad you focused your attention on this subject. You can go off to bed that night meditating on the wonderful truth you’ve absorbed.

Don’t think little or nothing of Passover just because you don’t observe it yet, and don’t think little or nothing of your youth.

“If Christ had failed, God the Father would have been sitting in solitary confinement for the rest of eternity! That’s the kind of sacrifice these Gods made for us. We can forget that in our callous, carnal thinking. But God the Father and Christ did it—and they did it for you” (Royal Vision, March-April 2012).

Make this Passover a night where you deepen your understanding of what God and Christ have done for you.