Mark Jenkins
The power is in your hands.
Formal wedding place setting on long table background focus on wine glass
How to prepare for this awesome fellowship opportunity
father and teenage son enjoying each others company in the garden
Who are your heroes?
A silhouette of a happy young mother, laughing as she plays with her toddler child and lifts him over her head outside, isolated against the sunset.
What your size has to do with gratitude
mysteriousand magical image of old crown and book over gothic black background. Medieval period concept
How to act like royalty at God’s Feast of Tabernacles
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What do the Sabbath, the burning bush and you have in common?
Helpers of Our Joy
Why you should forge a relationship with God’s ministry
Youth Teen Writing Article
Create a moment worthy of art.
Youth Recital Prepare to be Judged
One way to develop your human spirit
Widow's Might Dress Rehearsal
How to revolutionize your thinking
The lion, the lamb, the little child—and you
Preparing our children to thrive at any Feast site
Reading a book on the beach at sunset
24/7—every need supplied
A young boy looking thru a telescope at sunset with his father.
Develop a more vivid picture of your Father in heaven.
Dwight Falk
Modern technology—a blessing and a curse
Two representative stone tablets with the ten commandments inscribed on them on an isolated dark ethereal background
Here’s the one phobia you really need.
Fresh homemade yeast dough
The spiritual lessons we can learn from leaven
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With a single protruding index finger, he nudged the cup forward …
Learn the truth about angels and evil spirits. Both have a profound impact on your life.
Christmas decorations
Are the pagan origins of Christmas just another Christmas miracle?
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Do you know what God’s Work is all about?
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Let us obtain the true facts about Christmas.
Old vintage pocket watch.Selective focus in the middle of watch
No one could plan your life better than God—not even you.
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The value of a concordance
Campers and staff at stick night
A new generation of campers introduce themselves to PYC-Edmond 2017.