In the Presence of a Royal
How to act like royalty at God’s Feast of Tabernacles

As a reader of True Education, you often see the words “princes and princesses in all the Earth.” Those words come from Psalm 45:16, and that verse is talking about you. When the World Tomorrow comes, the young people in God’s true Church will be established as princes and princesses across the entire Earth. You will be physical royalty recognized as such by the entire world.

This is an inspiring vision because it shows you the reality of your future, but its real importance is the effect it should have on you today as a prince or princess in training. Nowhere is this more important than at the Feast of Tabernacles!

Prepare today to represent God as His royalty at this year’s Feast. There is no limit to the number of ways you can apply this concept, but let’s look at just a few simple, practical things that even physical monarchs do:

1. Be upright. There is a terrible stereotype that teenagers slouch and don’t look adults in the eye. Psalm 37:37 says: “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.” Of course, there is a spiritual principle at play here: You are learning to develop strong character, and that takes effort.

The posture of a king takes effort too—and it takes time to learn, and time to establish as a habit. In “Be Upright!” Joel Hilliker writes: The body language of straight posture communicates confidence, vigor, power, authority. It commands attention and creates a more positive mindset, not only for those who view you, but for you yourself.” We strongly recommend you read the entire article at:

Then go to the Feast of Tabernacles ready to maintain the bearing of a king!

2. Show respect and courtesy. When the Queen of England stands, everyone stands. When she enters or exits a room, everyone stands. As a royal-in-training, you should practice this behavior with those around you. Standing when an adult enters a room is a good starting point, but look for other ways; always practice the law of courtesy. This is why we have etiquette night at pyc: because the rules you follow there show respect for those around you, hopefully helping to make everyone around you more comfortable.

In reality, the practice of etiquette has become so uncommon that many feel shivers of discomfort go down their spines when required to show courtesy. These things are no longer habitual in our society—but they can and should be in our lives. It is your job as a royal to set that standard so those in the World Tomorrow will learn by your example.

To refresh your memory on what it means to show respect, read “With All Due Respect” by Wayne Turgeon at Then go to the Feast of Tabernacles ready to show God’s Family and the community at your Feast site what true godly respect and courtesy look like whether you are having a conversation with adults or dining with friends. Remember: You might be the only representation of God’s Family that some community members see this year.

3. Serve. As a prince or princess in the World Tomorrow, your primary job will be to serve the people. Even the word “minister” can be defined as: to attend to the needs of. Kings and priests in God’s Kingdom will have both a double crown and a double obligation to serve!

Leadership is an act of service, and the Feast provides plenty of opportunities to practice that way of life for both you and your parents. Whether it is in a choir, in used clothing, in handicapped aid, or in any other capacity God places you, embrace the opportunities you are presented, and use them to serve God’s Family. Find ways to serve with your physical family, whether it be by writing cards to those who were not able to attend, having a meal with a widow or other senior, or babysitting so the parents can have a night out. Serve as many as you can through fellowship, extending yourself well beyond your usual circle of friends so that all of God’s Family is included.

Soon you will be the example of these principles in service to people coming out of the worst time of suffering ever to befall mankind—and they will need your example of loving, godly royalty in their lives. Let’s all make the most of this upcoming Feast of Tabernacles to learn how to be that royalty today.