Grant Turgeon
20190725_5B Speech-8506951.jpg
One icebreaker, 11 six-minute speeches, loads of useful instruction
20190723_4B Archery-8506848.jpg
Some of the campers were sharpshooters; all of them were joyful.
Rufaro Manyepa and campers.
The blue-shirted campers of dorm 6B engaged in an exciting contest with 5B.
20190719_3B Dance-8505909.jpg
The green guys of 3B had a final tune-up before the last dance.
20190717_2B Basketball-8505696.jpg
The powder blue players partially prevailed.
20190714_1B Cycling-8504639.jpg
Morale was high as campers braved all terrains.
Closeup portrait Angry Boy, Blowing Steam, puffing out his cheeks about to have Nervous atomic breakdown, isolated grey background. Negative human emotion, Facial Expression feeling attitude reaction
Has it infected you?
PAC Cardiff 16x9
PAC Portland 16x9.jpg
PAC Tampa 16x9.jpg
4/24/1962-Chicago, IL: Los Angeles Dodger Sandy Koufax shows winning form as he throws during a game with the Chicago Cubs.  Koufax struck out 18 Chicago Cubs setting a National League daytime strikeout record and tying his own overall National League strikeout mark.  The Dodgers won, 10-2.
Is God’s way of life really restrictive and burdensome?
A popular-yet-misunderstood fad is in the air.
Schedule for Eternity
Why God’s young people should weaponize their daily and weekly schedules
Hand of a person casting a ballot at a polling station during voting.
Six thousand years of human history condemn the tradition of voting.
GRF PAC Phoenix Arizona 16x9
An hour-by-hour account of what it’s like to travel to a personal appearance campaign and back
20180726_PYC 4B speech_8509292.jpg
The gray-shirted boys of dorm 4B faced their faces and delivered ten six-minute speeches.
20180726_PYC 1B Football_8509264.jpg
The orange-clad campers of dorm 1B climbed out of an early hole to obtain flag football glory.
20180725_2B Softball_8508954.jpg
The light-blue representatives of 2B didn’t let a big early deficit keep them down.
20190207_3B Group shot_0438.jpg
The greenies were left feeling blue after a narrow defeat.
20190207_4B Group shot_0449.jpg
The blue battlers of 6B fought to a 1-1, two-game aggregate.
20180719_PYC 5B Dance class_8508023.jpg
The light-gray boys of 5B treated their sister dorm to a serving of swing and mambo.
AICF Hezekiah Exhibit Construction (3 of 3).jpg
Exhibit to include 39 artifacts from eighth century B.C.
6 Dublin Irish Dance (16x9)
Three American gold medal-winning moments at the 2018 Winter Olympics present a valuable lesson in overcoming.
PAC Personal Appearance Campaign Houston 2018 16x9