Trumpet Executive Editor Speaks in Toronto, Raleigh

EDMOND—Philadelphia Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry’s summer series of Personal Appearance Campaigns in North America continued with a second stop in Canada on August 4, followed by an event in Raleigh, North Carolina, on August 5. The two lectures drew a combined audience of 404 Trumpet subscribers.

A total of 260 subscribers attended in Toronto, and 144 attended in Raleigh. In both lectures, Mr. Flurry spoke about themes from the biblical book of Jude, including how God often works for years to call just one person to learn the truth, to fight to hold on to the truth, and to take action based on the truth, regardless of the opinions of family and friends. He explained the difference between the dead faith of James 2:20 and the active, living, dynamic faith of Hebrews 11.

“I’m very inspired to move forward after hearing about Jude’s message today,” said one Toronto attendee, who rollerbladed more than 13 miles to hear the lecture.

“Mr. Flurry let the scripture [Jude 1] speak for itself this afternoon,” one subscriber said, “and it shows how God preserves you, He protects you, and He brings you into His Church. And He doesn’t overwhelm you …. You learn little by little, and you realize it is God’s true Church.”

A pair of follow-up Bible studies in Toronto drew 28 and then 25 attendees, who are not already members of the Philadelphia Church of God. At the follow up studies in Raliegh, six and then seven, non-members attended.

Mr. Flurry’s campaign schedule next took him to Detroit, Michigan, on August 18-19, then to Cincinnati, Ohio, on August 20.