Campaigns Come to New York City, Memphis

EDMOND—Philadelphia Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry delivered lectures to subscribers in New York City on June 30 and July 1 and in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 2. The trip was his second multi-city personal appearance campaign in a week.

Following a two-night stop in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, and a one-night event in Spokane, Washington, the previous week, Mr. Flurry flew to New York City on June 30, where he spoke to 210 attendees the first day and 130 the second night. Fifty attendees who are not Philadelphia Church of God members signed up to for a follow-up Bible study, setting a sign-up record since campaigns resumed in 2017.

“We won’t tell you smooth things; we’ll tell you what God says,” Mr. Flurry said in his first lecture. “That’s one commitment we’ve made to God.” He focused on the rising “king of the south” prophesied in the book of Daniel and said that the United States has not properly dealt with terrorism because it has turned away from God. He said the Sept. 11, 2001, attack is a warning of what is to come if God does not see repentance.

On July 2 in Memphis, Mr. Flurry spoke to 130 subscribers, 52 of whom were non-members. One woman traveled 13 hours by bus to attend. About 20 non-members expressed interest in a follow-up Bible study. His lecture began with a five-minute video presentation about how the work God did through Herbert W. Armstrong was destroyed by his successors in the Worldwide Church of God. He spoke of his own experiences with the Church and related them to prophecies in Amos. Dozens stood in line to speak to Mr. Flurry following his two lectures, some waiting for over an hour.