Campaigns continue in Red Deer, Spokane

EDMOND—Philadelphia Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry delivered two lectures to subscribers in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, on June 23-24, then another lecture to subscribers in Spokane, Washington, on June 25. This was the first TrumpetPersonal Appearance Campaign conducted with two nights in an area with a high volume of subscribers, followed by one night in a location with fewer subscribers.

The Red Deer campaign attracted 177 attendees, 66 of whom were not members of the Philadelphia Church of God, which publishes the Trumpet. That number represented 56 percent of non-member subscribers who reserved tickets. On the second night, 110 subscribers attended, including 27 non-members. Subscribers traveled into town from all across Canada, including three who drove from the western province of British Columbia over the Rocky Mountains. Twelve signed up for follow-up Bible studies.

For the first lecture, Mr. Flurry spoke about prophecies regarding the two most recent United States presidential administrations. The second lecture was a five-step stir-to-action message encouraging non-members to apply God’s truth in their lives in practical ways.

“What impresses me about the Philadelphia Church of God is that they seem to have prophecy and an understanding of history that does not exist anywhere else,” one Red Deer attendee said.

The Spokane event had lower attendance but the highest follow-through rate since the campaigns resumed in 2017. The 107 subscribers came from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Canada, and 74 of them were non-members, constituting 73 percent of those who requested tickets. Ten signed up for a follow-up Bible study.

In Spokane, Mr. Flurry spoke about the legacy of the late Worldwide Church of God founder Herbert W. Armstrong, why the Philadelphia Church of God today follows his example and the pcgrebuilding the things God built through Mr. Armstrong. He also briefly covered prophecies about biblical Israel.

“I really appreciate it that you gave us a free magazine,” one Spokane attendee said. “I find a lot of that to be alarmingly truthful.”

As a youth growing up in the Worldwide Church of God under Mr. Armstrong in the 1970s and 1980s, Mr. Flurry lived in Washington and attended youth services and activities throughout the state. He attended the pcgFeast of Tabernacles in Red Deer five or six times, by his count, and shared his first date with his future wife, Amy, there in 1995. He called the three-day campaign a “trip down memory lane.”