Executive Editor Delivers Final Personal Appearance Campaign of the Summer

EDMOND—Philadelphia Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry finished his 14-personal appearance campaign summer with a lecture in Ocala, Florida, on September 29. The event attracted 175 Trumpet subscribers, including 96 who are not already members of the Philadelphia Church of God.

Four headquarters staff members accompanied Mr. Flurry and his wife for the campaign and for the Feast of Trumpets observance with about 100 Florida members the next day. Edited for clarity and brevity, here are their perspectives on being part of the last campaign of the summer.

Katherine Harmon (Armstrong International Cultural Foundation box office manager)

Taking off was my favorite part of the flight, purely for the fact you could feel the power from the tremendous speed of the Church’s plane. It’s incredible to me that we could travel to Florida and back so quickly, which shows what a tremendous tool the plane really is for the Work. Mr. Flurry mentioned in the PAC the need for greater urgency in this time, and the plane really does reflect that. We simply couldn’t do the same amount of work if we didn’t have the plane.

Deepika Azariah (publishing department print liaison)

Mr. Flurry mentioned the epistle of Jude, and how Jude was slow to repentance. But when he did act, he really did go forward with God. I think the urgency of his message and especially the scriptures Mr. Flurry read from Ezekiel 4 and 5 may have really resonated with Trumpet subscribers because, from where I was sitting toward the back of the room, they looked attentive to the message, and I also saw a few gestures of agreement. Mr. Flurry said that there is a certain contentment in standing up for God and doing what is right, even when everyone else says you’re wrong.

Whitney Kelsey (call center operator)

I spoke to a young couple who had been reading the Trumpet for about a year. They seemed to be level-headed and to genuinely be searching for the truth. I was impressed by how they had walked away from several churches once they discovered that their beliefs didn’t line up with the Bible. I could see why God might be trying to draw these people to Him. They had two college-aged kids, and they expressed how they wished their children could attend a Bible-based college like Herbert W. Armstrong College. This conversation really brought what this Work is about into focus for me.

Monica Antonio (Herbert W. Armstrong College registrar’s assistant)

It was my first time in Florida and meeting the brethren from that area. I was impressed with their dedication to the Work, excitement for the campaign, and willingness to serve us and treat us like royalty. It was very sobering, touching, and humbling. Seeing their excitement and how much they gave and sacrificed for the PAC and us was infectious. It made it more evident to me how we’re one huge Family that’s striving for the same goal. The trip has left me pumped up and reenergized in serving and giving back to the Work and the brethren. They were a wonderful example for us.