Gerald Flurry
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It’s a booming business, and it is bringing our nation down—one click at a time.
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The beginning of our civilization holds the key to solving our deadly problems today. Yet it is a mystery to the world.
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Mystery of the Ages
Unlock life’s mysteries.
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From the May-June 2019 Royal Vision
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You can’t conquer your enemy if you don’t even know him.
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Are you deceiving yourself, and how can you know?
Engraving from 1868 showing the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus and the disciples spent the night before the crucifixion.
The Apostle John recorded Christ’s inspiring final prayer to His Father before He was sacrificed. Study this prayer, and you will understand God’s love as never before!
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Below is an excerpt from Gerald Flurry’s free booklet Repentance Toward God. This booklet presents the biblical definition and biblical examples of repentance and shows you how to draw close to God the Father and Jesus Christ.
The recent college admissions scandal in the U.S. exposes a deadly spirit of lawlessness. America was founded on biblical principles, including the rule of law. We must understand the alarming consequences of departing from the law.
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Your Savior paid the penalty of eternal death so you don’t have to. Is there any way you can repay Him?
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Why does God have a college? What is the value of the unique education it provides? And how can you be part of God’s college, even if you are unable to attend in person?
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Millions today believe that in order to be ‘saved,’ all we have to do is have faith in Jesus Christ—just believe in Him. It is true that we must have faith to be saved. But the kind of faith being taught today by so many religions is not ‘saving faith.’ Just what is ‘saving faith,’ and how do we obtain it?
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You have to make the same choice that faced Adam: the tree of life, or the tree of death.
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This can be a discouraging time of year—unless we have the right focus.
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Personal from Gerald Flurry
Commuion and Symbols of the Crusifixion on a Purple Cloth
The roots of this controversy are literally a matter of life and death!
Sunset sabbath
Traditional Christianity has chosen the wrong day of worship. There is a sinister reason why.
Perhaps no biblical subject attracts more speculation than Armageddon. Yet, the word “Armageddon” is in the Bible only once. What does it mean? How will it affect your life in the near future?
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God shows His true Church the deepest love. The love of the Bridegroom for His Bride.
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We can learn a lot from the Jews who rebuilt God’s temple.