Gerald Flurry
From a humble boy to a great wartime president, this man has much to teach us.
Tenemos que usar nuestras mentes como Dios quiere, ¡y prepararnos para enseñar al mundo!
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Always remember this beautiful, overarching truth.
Sad for Christmas
Billions worldwide just celebrated another Christmas Day. But what does God think about this observance?
We need to use our minds as God intends, and get ready to teach the world!
Considere las consecuencias de huir de un deber dado por Dios.
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Consider the consequences of running from a God-given duty.
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Satan is always waging war against it. But it is the solution to all this world’s problems.
Star-forming region called NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula, on July 12, 2022 in space. Captured James Webb Space Telescope
‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above ….’
Bluebonnet Fields in Palmer, TX
Tú tienes que tomar la misma decisión que Adán enfrentó: el árbol de la vida o el árbol de la muerte.
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Poder de más allá de las galaxias
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Power from beyond the galaxies
We need to look at the private morality of our people.
Have you ever wondered why the world is filled with so much unhappiness, suffering, violence and evil?
2021 senior graduating class of Herbert W. Armstrong College
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On May 5, 2001, God signaled the beginning of a new phase in this rapidly fading age of man.
The Passover is a memorial of the crucifixion of Christ.