ACT Philippines, group photo, Quezon City Family Day Activity 16x9
Mr. Stephen Flurry Online Personal Appearance Campaign, new studio, 16x9
Teen Bunco Party 16 x 9
business man putting money coins like growing graph with sun light in saving money and investor insurance concept over green background
A way to not only earn money but also show God your enthusiasm for His Work
ACT Ohio Glow Golf
ACT Banff Expedition
20161228_Widow's Might Dress Rehearsal-8100667.jpg
Musical production opens at Armstrong Auditorium.
20161201_Turtle Island String Quartet-8109617.jpg
Quintessential chamber jazz group plays for hundreds.
Philadelphia Church of God members play hockey in Edmond during the ministerial conference
PCG men play a rare game of ice hockey during 2016 Ministerial Conference.
Philadelphia Church of God members in Minnesota make memories.
Activity involves sauce, toppings and flying dough