240525 Edstone SWW_Griffin Sanders-4.jpg
ACT Philippines, group photo, Quezon City Family Day Activity 16x9
Canada activity curling, members on ice, watching from above view 16x9
Mr. Stephen Flurry Online Personal Appearance Campaign, new studio, 16x9
Teen Bunco Party 16 x 9
business man putting money coins like growing graph with sun light in saving money and investor insurance concept over green background
A way to not only earn money but also show God your enthusiasm for His Work
ACT Ohio Glow Golf
ACT Banff Expedition
20161228_Widow's Might Dress Rehearsal-8100667.jpg
Musical production opens at Armstrong Auditorium.
20161201_Turtle Island String Quartet-8109617.jpg
Quintessential chamber jazz group plays for hundreds.
Philadelphia Church of God members play hockey in Edmond during the ministerial conference
PCG men play a rare game of ice hockey during 2016 Ministerial Conference.
Philadelphia Church of God members in Minnesota make memories.
Activity involves sauce, toppings and flying dough