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Deadra Taylor
Ardmore garage sale
ACT MINN Summer Picnic 4.jpg
Event includes canoeing, paddle-boating, team activities, Yahtzee and cake pops.
Pictured (L to R): Katelyn Aldrich, Violet Kaleho, Chloe Kaleho, Erica Anderson (holding Ozzie the Dog in her arms), Sofia Kaleho (holding Kaia the dog on a leash).
Break in stormy weather allows for picture-perfect scenery.
Philadelphia Church of God members in Minnesota make memories.
Activity involves sauce, toppings and flying dough
Back row: "Duchesses" Kristy Pepin, Deadra Taylor and Melody Aldrich; Front: "Ladies" Katelyn Aldrich, Chloe Kaleho and Sofia Kaleho.
Edstone campus inspires British-themed activity.