Jason Cocomise
ACT Edmond Teen Scavenger Hunt in the park 16x9
Teen Bunco Party 16 x 9
IA History Field Trip 1(16x9).jpg
Students learn about 45th Infantry Division and Oklahoma firefighters.
Diverse group of teens studying the Bible.
You can have an impact.
16x9(Speaker at the FOT)
We will soon be celebrating God’s Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day.
16x9(Feast of Tabernacles)
In the 1980’s Feast of Tabernacles was known as the “largest convention on earth” with over 80 locations and 100,000 attendees.
16x9(How to keep Unleavened Bread)
matzoh - jewish passover bread on a wooden table. Selective focus
We keep God’s Days of Unleavened Bread the same way today that the ancient Israelites kept them some 3,500 years ago.
Senior woman with caregiver in the park
We must be spending time with and talking with the elderly.