Ohio Teens Golf in the Dark

OHIO—Eight Philadelphia Church of God youths from Ohio and Kentucky attended their first teen outing of the year on March 11 in Dayton. The event included pizza, table topics and glow-in-the-dark golf.

After Sabbath services and a Bible study earlier that day, the teens engaged in spirited conversation over dinner at Cici’s Pizza. Topics came from questionnaire cards handed out to them the previous week. One question was, “What would you most like to take to the place of safety?” to which Kentucky teen Daniel Belden replied, “If I could take one item to the place of safety, it would be a pencil and a pad of paper because I love to draw.”

The main event of the evening took place at Scene 75, an indoor activity center where the teens played 18 holes of miniature “glow” golf. Local Church Elder Larry Walker led the “birdies” team, and member Joel Sander led the “bogies” team. The first nine-hole course had an “Under the Sea” theme; the second course resembled “Route 66.” Ohio teen Jaden Quinn putted the winning low score.

Teen Hailey Sander said, “What I liked most at the golf outing was the way everything glowed under the black lighting.”