Greg Nice
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How to avoid the school of hard knocks
Thai man in canoe
Children sitting on school bus
JÓVENES: ¿Alguna vez han usado esta expresión? ¡Es hora de que entiendan QUIÉN no les deja hacer QUÉ!
If you are aiming for happiness, you are aiming too low.
How a young person builds and plants
Why the Sabbath was Herbert W. Armstrong’s first challenge
A scene from the Old Testament - Abraham and his son Isaac who is carrying the sticks for the 'burnt offering', or sacrifice, which Abraham had been asked by God to make of Isaac. Illustration from "The Children's Friend" Vol XIII, published by Seeley, Jackson & Halliday, S.W Partridge & Co. in 1873.
Which god do you choose?
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How good are you at holding your tongue?
Little child catching falling leaves in fall season - on sunny evening
Studio shot of a happy little girl standing against a blue backgroundhttp://
Why should we become like little children?
Alone in a crowd ... image was intentionally softened and colors muted to all but the alone person.
Loneliness need only be temporary.
The Christian life isn’t always easy.
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Leave what’s in your wallet in your wallet.
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The real difference between hearing and listening
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What being a true friend really means.
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The reason why we are fearfully and wonderfully made.
16x9 ( Don't work too Hard)
Lonely tractor working on a field in spring, forming a cloud of dust.
Does that make sense?
Only man not saluting Hitler
How you can stand resolute and confident in the midst of peer pressure.
J.I. Case logo on farming machinery
How important is it to you to establish and protect your name?
Thai man in canoe
They aren’t as inconsequential as they may seem.