Christina Dattolo
boy praying to God stock image with hands held together with closed eyes stock photo
What my sister showed me about priorities
The story of a man who risked his life for someone he had never met
7 or 8 years old little girl with blond hair posing pointing with earrings
Even the little things are a big deal.
What will you do with what you’ve been given?
Moving Boxes
What I learned from a watery trial
ACT ON Summer Fair Image 16 by 9
Members hold a “summer fair” in the middle of winter.
Regional Director Fred Dattolo takes bids during the live auction.
Fun-filled day proves profitable
Bunco roll-off for third place!
Event includes curry, bunco and singing.
Philadelphia Church of God Milton congregation
Italian chefs, potato heads, and the cast of Little Red Riding Hood attend