Christina Dattolo
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First impressions can be deceiving.
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A real shift in thinking
Wally Funk (R) celebrates. Be Pleasant.
Advice from the oldest woman in space
Horse and girl.
When dreams really do come true—it might not be what you wished for.
An unconventional method to learn somersaulting
Looking for socks
Relax—that problem you’re facing may be no bigger than having the wrong pair of socks.
Never let peer pressure bully you.
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What my sister showed me about priorities
The story of a man who risked his life for someone he had never met
7 or 8 years old little girl with blond hair posing pointing with earrings
Even the little things are a big deal.
What will you do with what you’ve been given?
Moving Boxes
What I learned from a watery trial
ACT ON Summer Fair Image 16 by 9
Members hold a “summer fair” in the middle of winter.
Regional Director Fred Dattolo takes bids during the live auction.
Fun-filled day proves profitable
Bunco roll-off for third place!
Event includes curry, bunco and singing.
Mini-racer Brendan and his pit crew Dan and Carrie Gauvreau.
Italian chefs, potato heads, and the cast of Little Red Riding Hood attend