Brian Sherwood
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Una meditación sobre Proverbios 12:18
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A meditation on Proverbs 12:18
Australia 2022 DELS
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A lo largo de la historia, el pueblo de Dios se ha enfrentado a la opresión y la persecución. Las restricciones actuales del gobierno son una oportunidad que Dios nos da para poner en práctica la escritura ¡‘ocupaos en vuestra salvación’!
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God’s people throughout history have faced oppression and persecution. The current government restrictions are a God-given opportunity to ‘work out your own salvation’!
An invitation and a grouping of silverware rest on top of a stack of dinner plates. The image is photographed using a very shallow depth of field.
When you receive an invitation, remember courtesy.
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How Brisbane member Alex Bell discovered real treasure.
Helmut Mueller PCG Australia member
PCG member voyaged to a new country, new church and a new meaning to family.
Sitting around the campfire
AUSTRALIA—On April 25-27, the Philadelphia Church of God Brisbane congregation held its first …
AUSTRALIA—Sixty-seven members from the Philadelphia Church of God Brisbane congregation shared a family day on March 9 at Top Shots Fun Park, in the costal township of …
Bowling Balls on a Bowling Green and a Scoreboard
Is there anything wrong with having body art carved into your skin?