Oceania-Asia Region Holds Deacons and Elders Meeting

AUSTRALIA—On May 15-16, 18 Philadelphia Church of God ministers and deacons from around Australia gathered at the Oceania-Asia regional office to attend the 2022 deacons and elders meeting, as well as 19 ministers and deacons from the Philippines who connected via video conference from the national office in Angeles City, Pampanga. The meetings focused on three lectures by Regional Director Aaron Hudson, a recorded lecture from headquarters Evangelist Stephen Flurry and a live lecture from headquarters given by Pastor Andrew Locher. The focus of the messages was on better serving God’s people.

Philippines Preaching Elder Broderick Tongco commented: “For me, this dels has equipped the deacons and ministers more with last-hour urgency and Christ-like mentality in the way we serve God’s flock. It’s a great blessing and wonderful opportunity.”

“I consider it a great honour to be in a position to support the ministry as they assist Jesus Christ,” deacon Nathaniel Villanueva said. “While the role of a deacon serves a physical function, it still requires us to be spiritually alert, vigilant, and valiant all the time.”

“There were so many practical points to take home and apply personally and also in the congregation,” deacon Ross Macdonald said. “I feel God gave greater depth to the roles, and with that greater depth, greater expectations for both deacons and ministers. I feel God used the lectures to prepare us for the exciting days ahead in God’s Work.”

Preaching Elder John Woloszyn, who has been a PCG minister for almost 25 years, said, “It certainly was the best dels we have had in a long time. It was like a mini-ministerial conference: So much to absorb in such a short time and take back with us to apply.”