Expect Miracles
As part of God’s greatest miracle ourselves, we ought to expect more miracles in our lives

Miracles can be the greatest of faith builders!

They demonstrate the power of our Creator to directly affect situations often contrary to our human expectations and reasoning, in creating outcomes that may appear totally out of the ordinary.

Yet the truth is that to experience miracles, one has to first fully expect them!

As the Apostle James declares, seeking God’s miraculous intervention is a powerful act of faith: “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering [or doubting—not doubting at all]. For he that wavereth [or doubts] is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord” (James 1:6-7).

This is why so many people are not the recipient of God’s miracles. They doubt God! They doubt His apostle. They doubt His government. They doubt the Source of all truth, the very Word of God!

By contrast, Gerald Flurry declares of the Philadelphians, comparing them to Elisha’s students who witnessed God’s many miracles, “God has given this Church so many miracles! I believe that with our increased understanding, God holds us more accountable than He did those students of Elisha. They didn’t have near the truth that we have. God has opened so many doors for this work!” (The Former Prophets).

Mr. Flurry then clearly articulates the reason why the Philadelphians are the recipients of God’s miracles: “Realize, if you’re loyal to God and submit to His government, He will perform miracles for you—great and small. … Any place where you find God’s family government, you will find many inspiring miracles! … If you’re backing God’s Work, you can expect miracles, because they will happen!” (ibid).

The very acme of God’s creation is the Family of God. As Herbert W. Armstrong declared, “[A]t the very foundation of the world and of the human family on Earth with the creation of the first man Adam … God was beginning His greatest all-time accomplishment—to reproduce Himself” (Worldwide News, June 24, 1985).

It then follows that, as very vital components of that awesome, overarching miracle, we should be extremely, acutely aware of the miracles that God is prepared to work in our lives in the process of building His Family.

Ancient Israel’s exodus from Egypt was accomplished by many stupendous miracles (see Exodus 5-14).

Are we aware of God’s miracles on our behalf? More to the point, do we look forward with great expectation, praying for and fully expecting those miracles as a regular occurrence in our lives and in God’s Work?

Using a particular miracle involving one of Elisha’s students (2 Kings 6:6-7), Mr. Flurry places the expectation of miracles into its true God Family context, declaring: “The world knows very little about God and His Family today. They reject His family government and, as a result, lack the faith to ever experience such miracles! This is why the firstfruits are called out now. Soon the world will understand about the miracle of the ax. We will teach them” (ibid).

God knows His creation. He knows we need a clear vision as to the direction we should follow to fulfill our reason for being—our incredible human potential. To this end He declares, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” Knowing this, God gives enlightened vision to His true ministers. As our pastor general has taught, “Philadelphia ministers must expect miracles” (Malachi’s Message).

Any minister of God truly worth his salt lives in daily expectation of miracles! Such a minister is not occupied with snooping around people’s lives seeking to dig up their sins. He lives to teach, counsel and instruct God’s precious sheep in how to overcome their sins and then fully expects the miracle of conversion that comes to any truly repentant sinner!

Jesus Christ’s method of ministry is one in which ministers serve “those who obey God (and the world, through God’s Work). God’s family government doesn’t go around looking for people’s faults and sins. God’s leaders search for ways to serve the people! That is God’s law of love” (Gerald Flurry, God’s Family Government).

As is made clear in the booklet The Former Prophets: “God’s very elect are the true royalty of God. … We honor God the Father and He turns around and looks after us in miraculous ways.”

Don’t underrate God’s power to perform miracles in your life. At the most recent Philadelphia Church of God ministerial conference Mr. Flurry warned the ministry to not become calloused to the expectation of miracles. This is a most cynical world we live in. It would be so easy to let the world’s attitude of doubt and skepticism influence our attitude against the recognition of God’s miracles in our lives. Don’t let that happen to you.

Rather, “Take advantage of the opportunity and the education available to you. Use this truth, build your faith, and let God work miracles in your life!” (ibid).