Brad Macdonald
How one man finished what he started … against all odds
Football Kick. Youth Player Kicking Soccer Ball on Field. Football Ball in Motion. Legs of Sports Soccer Football Player Sportsman In Motion With Ball
Parents, we need to be growing fitter, stronger, healthier young people.
Woman feet receiving a foot massage at the spa
When we kneel to wash the feet of a brother, we are participating in a ceremony that reveals the solution to man’s relationship problems.
Hezekiah Isaiah Seals
Archaeological evidence of these two biblical giants is at Armstrong Auditorium.
It’s not easy, but it is worth it.
Man holding blue helmet close up
Follow Christ’s example in supporting God’s Work.
summer in the country: two apple trees in the meadow on a bright sunny day. blue sky and white clouds in the back.
Satan’s grand strategy. Do you know what it is? Are you falling for it?
Anxious young woman rests her head on he hands in a stresfull moment. Very shallow DoF - focus is on hereyes and forehead.
‘Our primary focus in life must be on how we talk to God in prayer!’
16x9(Genesis and the two trees marriage)
Young wedding couple enjoying romantic moments outside in summer park
Beautiful lessons from the Garden of Eden about the most important institution on earth.
16x9(Conquer your Lions)
The human mind, motivated by selfishness and laziness, will go to great lengths—even to the point of concocting the most ridiculous excuses—to avoid work and fulfilling responsibility.
16x9(Lessons from your Tabernacle)
The inspiring vision that you carry everywhere you go!
No one in modern history understood the truth about the two trees more deeply than Herbert W. Armstrong.
rear view of a boy playing a video game
Do you or your friends play violent video games? If so, you need to read this article!