Why it’s crucial for you to learn to make the call
16x9(Stand like a Man)
Be upright, spiritually and physically
16x9(Your Role as an Intercessor)
An often overlooked daily duty
16x9(Mindset men to build)
Auto mechanic and female customer in auto repair shop
Something to remember in life, in dating, in courtship
16x9(Your Duty as a Mentor)
Shot of two colleagues working together in an informal office setting
As you become a godlier man, be sure to help develop other men.
16x9(Men report for duty)
A father is sitting at a desk with his son - they are working on a homeschooling assingment together.
Your serious and awesome commission from God
16x9(Anoint your eyes)
Shot of a senior builder working on a project in his workshop
In a lukewarm age, here is what you must do to see what God wants to accomplish through you as a man!
16x9(Value of Obedience)
God values obedience. Do you?
16x9(Men be the head of your home)
An urgent message from the Head of the God Family to the head of your family.
Courageous Joshua
When we study history and see wonderful examples like Joshua, we can recognize the tremendous value of godly leadership!
16x9(A protector)
The role of protector is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of a man’s duty.
16x9(A man's glory)
A valuable, and often underused, asset
16x9(Stand Your Ground)
Young tiller working the land with a hoe in a sunny day
A lesson from one of David’s mighty men
16x9(Opportunity for Fathers)
In your preparations, don’t forget this particular responsibility.
16x9 (General Monash)
circa 1916:  Australian engineer and soldier General Sir John Monash (1865 - 1931). Original Artist: By Elliott & Fry.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
As we continue to face our battles, let us remember the example of Gen. Sir John Monash.
Young handsome man leaning against grey wall with arms crossed. Cheerful man laughing and looking at camera with a big grin. Portrait of a happy young man standing with crossed arms over grey background.
It’s over 30 years old and completely timeless.
Layout and installation of roof rafters on a new commercial residential construciton project by framing contactors
An apostle of God gave some motivational advice for men—and followed it.
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
True men of God should strive to develop more godly emotion and passion.
President and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt seated on lawn, surrounded by their family; 1903.
Lessons from a man who helped build a future president
silhouette of father and son holding hands at sunset sky
As the head of the family goes, so goes the rest of the family!
David slaying goliath illustration - red tint
Why did Israel become so great under David?
Father and Daughter hugging from the back.
Her sense of who she is depends a lot on you.
Man Clinching a Sword
Are you willing to stand alone and fight? God demands that each of us do so.
One way to prepare yourself to embrace life’s challenges
Masculine Man
Men! Free yourself of gender confusion.