Andrew Hessong
Men praying in the dark.
Do you have someone to trust for the right answer every time? You sure do!
champion golden trophy on wood table with blackboard copy space
Do you have what it takes to go for the gold?
16x9(Men be the head of your home)
An urgent message from the Head of the God Family to the head of your family.
Serenity and natural beauty can greatly enhance your ability to think deeply on a topic.
How meditation can help you better understand God and the world.
A conceptual image of a business man with his fingers crossed behind his back.
Learn how to become a person who always keeps his word.
16x9(Purified as gold)
mound of gold close-up on black background
The magnificent, incomparable purpose for trials
Is your life filled with peace, happiness, joy and prosperity? If not, do you ever wonder why?
Bright gold ring on hand
The beautiful reward for embracing God-given trial