Man chopping wood in the snow
To fulfill your duty as a man, you must routinely put in hard work, do things you don’t want to, and exert your strength to benefit others.
Portrait of smiling family
We live in a mixed-up world. Whether you’re aware of it or not, two of the most important elements missing from today’s Western civilization are masculine men and feminine women!
USA, Washington, mature man and woman walking on footpath
The husband’s role is one of leadership and sacrificial love.
Father and Son - Playing
Am I loving myself right now instead of my family?
Father and son strolling on a beach during sunrise.
Are you pushing yourself to exemplify the manliness that God wants in His Church?
Father and son driving tractor
Any man worth his salt wants his son to grow up to be a real, godly man. But only the few achieve that. Why?
Wanted Sign saying "Wanted: Real Men"
From macho men to metrosexuals, today many are mystified about the true nature of masculinity.
Father and son on a beach smiling
The all-important role of the father.