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The man standing on the top of building on the starry cityscape background
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Halloween Vintage Postcard
It’s often regarded as one of the most overtly pagan of the ‘Christian’ festivals—and is nowhere found in the New Testament. But is there mention of its origins in the Hebrew Bible?
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Through the ages, God has been building a spiritual empire that is about to rule the world! Will you be a part of it?
Feast of Tabernacles services
Cemetery Last Great Day
See the glory of God in the meaning of the Last Great Day.
Valley of dry bones
God’s plan for having a real family of billions
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Why do you go to the Feast of Tabernacles? This may seem like a silly question. But it does deserve some thought.
9/11 "Tribute in Light" memorial lit in September, 2015.
two goats on a cliff
The Israelites must have been somewhat perplexed by the unusual ritual God commanded on the Day of Atonement. Today, however, its rich meaning is plain to God’s people.
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The annual religious festivals that God commands true Christians to observe are clearly discussed in Leviticus 23.
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Shofar for Rosh Hashanah, selective focus
Believe it or not, the soon-coming fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets is going to greatly impact your life. Feast of Trumpets? What is that?
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Understand man’s true origin, and you will understand God’s master plan!
Christ’s supreme sacrifice empowers us to step up our spiritual race.
The White House in Washington DC under dark stormy clouds
God tells us what to expect next.
Calendar week
The surprising origins of the universal seven-day rhythm of human life
wedding theme, holding hands newlyweds
What future event does Pentecost represent? And what does this festival season and holy day require us to do in order to get ready for this event?
Man touches wheat as he walks by in a field. (for Pentecost)