Philadelphia, PA, USA - November 8, 2015: Crowd of onlookers line East Market Street , at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA, to see the November 8, 205 first annual Philly Veterans Parade pass by.  (photo by Bastiaan Slabbers)
Holy bible book on wooden table
Jesus Light
petekarici having her haircut, clean and beautiful hair.
Close-up portrait of man smiling. Happy male is against gray background. He is wearing plaid shirt. Vertical studio photography from a DSLR camera. Sharp focus on eyes.
Sunset highway in Northern Arizona. Vignetting and desaturated.
Panoramic photo of large crowd of people. Slow shutter speed motion blur.
Farmer holding grain in sunset
wedding theme, holding hands newlyweds
What future event does Pentecost represent? And what does this festival season and holy day require us to do in order to get ready for this event?
Dandelion seeds flying in the wind.
Ministerial Conference
Dolor - Funeral with coffin on a cemetery, the casket carried by coffin bearer
Bible - Genesis chapter
Chantaburi, Thailand - January 1, 2016: Group of pastors doing religion ceremony while Chistian people standing to attend religion ceremony in occasion of new year festival in beautiful church in Chantaburi, Thailand
Close up on part of the Ten Commandments as seen in an old copy of the Holy Bible.
Boy Reading the holy bible
The Ten Commandments.  Taken from Chapter 20 in the Book of Exodus.
Unleavened dough for tortillas on kitchen table
Design details of luxury events. Things like beautiful table setting ready for the event.
True liberty today–for an inspiring purpose tomorrow
child and adult holding money jar, donation, saving concept
Guidelines for holy day offerings
Live the Way of the Passover
How taking the Passover properly ensures that you live a sacred year
Engraving from 1868 showing the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus and the disciples spent the night before the crucifixion.
The Apostle John recorded Christ’s inspiring final prayer to His Father before He was sacrificed. Study this prayer, and you will understand God’s love as never before!
The Holy Communion of the Christian Faith of Wine and Unleavened Bread
silhouette in the sunset, young woman with her arms raised enjoying summer twilight in the middle of nature.
A three-step process for life-changing impact