Philip Nice
Oklahoma City National Memorial (public domain) 16x9
IA Science Fair Winners(16x9).jpg
Thanksgiving dinner. Roasted turkey with pumpkins and sunflowers on wooden table
Members from across the country and beyond share what they are especially thankful for this year.
PAC GRF 0.jpg
Campaign attracts hundreds of Midwestern Philadelphia Trumpet magazine subscribers
Gerald Flurry and Key of David studio-20.jpg
Television department cancels WGN superstation, begins airing on 26 local stations.
Herbert W. Armstrong College Online Classes Laptop Mockup
Comparative Religion, Old Testament Survey available to online students
Armstrong Auditorium Sunset Sundown Swans in Flight
New 2017–2018 season at Armstrong Auditorium includes 10 performances.
FOT Cocomise CVB Presentation1 16x9.jpg
Jason Cocomise receives Hometown Heroes award from Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau
Online Marketing Brexit Campaign.jpg
Thousands of viewers, readers see ads on Facebook and YouTube.
AICF Granger Trebels Oklahoma Conference on Tourism
Armstrong International Cultural Foundation’s Shane Granger and Edwin Trebels connect with other professionals.
AICF Turkish Dinner 16x5
Event promotes understanding and cooperation among cultures
Edwin Trebels OKC Social 16x9 corrected
Armstrong International Cultural Foundation’s Edwin Trebels delivers presentation on igniting change.
Herbert W. Armstrong College is adding Dwight Armstrong Performing Arts Complex
Equipment noises are music to the ears of musicians, singers and dancers.
Armstrong Auditorium screen shot
Moscow Festival Ballet streams live for Trumpet account holders
AC Reunion GRF
Chancellor Gerald Flurry delivers fatherly talk about Ambassador College and faith.
Hezekiah Bulla Eilat Mazar Archaeology Excavations Ophel Jerusalem
Archaeologist Eilat Mazar announces latest discovery from Ophel excavations
A look through the lens of Jessie Hester at part of the PCG and Herbert W. Armstrong College campus.
16x9(Mr. Flurry watching as the Swans in Flight are being installed.)
Dwight Falk, Operations manager for 101.3. is the radio station sponsored by the Philadelphia Church of God.
Philadelphia Church of God began broadcasting this morning in Edmond, Oklahoma and online at
10 Students and one graduate from Herbert W. Armstrong College will be venturing overseas to staff the new office building (Edstone) of the Philadelphia Church of God in England. (16x9)
Students transferring to new Edstone campus in West Midlands
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
A time of peace is coming.
Ambassador Meir Shlomo, Israeli Consul General to the Southwest United States gives an assembly at Herbert W. Armstrong College inside of Armstrong Auditorium. (Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Friesen)
EDMOND—Ambassador Meir Shlomo, the consul general of Israel to the southwest United States, visited the campus of Herbert W. Armstrong College on February 27, delivering a short speech about his country’s relationship with its neighboring Arab states …
This one’s for you brothers out there.